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Demo Fest Logo

Demo Fest is an annual show-and-tell from the Daydream team. It's an opportunity to share the latest hardware and software developments in AR and VR with the rest of Google. In parallel, it serves as a highly effective internal hiring event.

For 2018, I designed a logo mark that appears simple and balanced from the front (2D) view, but achieves its visual order from a much more complicated 3D model.

The 3D model

I had to stagger the blocks of shapes in a very unusual manner to get the shadow effect I wanted, which made for a really interesting composition.

Sadly, I didn't have time to fiddle with the scene lighting enough to make the shadows consistent across all letters, so I ended up using the 3D renderings purely as lighting and shape reference. The final logo was recreated in vector form in Adobe Illustrator.

Full colour and 1-colour variations

The mark was used across a number of marketing and event materials, both digital and print. I created two versions of the mark so it would communicate well in both. The single-colour version was used primarily for event t-shirts.

Application of the logo